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Lorraine Brown

Begin each day in gratitude!


"For Two" Cookbook!

This book has recipes that are for two servings. Whether it is for you or you and a guest. It allows you to have a meal without scrambling for containers for all the leftover food. This book will also help you adjust the recipes you already have. With measurements, cooking time and equipment information to make the change. It's simple cooking at it's best.

Please make sure you let me know who to sign the book to.  

"For Two"
$20.00 US, Reg. $25.00
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"For Two" Fork 

Here's the fork to get things started. 

"For Two" Fork
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"For Two" Spoon - Now Available!!!

A MUST have! 

"For Two" Spoon
$9.95 US
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Ready for Baked Hot Wings for two.    How about a Strawberry Truffle!

Broiled Salmon over                             Old Fashion Banana Pudding!!!

Monterey Jack Grits  

Dream Boldly, I Dare You

"Dream Boldly, I Dare You" is a powerful book of life growth. 31 powerful women give their short story of how they overcame circumstances. My story is all about life, how it knocked me on my knees, how it gave me hope, how it allowed me to see my worthiness and love. I am so glad I was asked to write. It is me!!!

Dream Boldly, I Dare You
$18.95 US
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